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Dec 10, 2012 09:11 AM

Can you recommend great Mexican markets in Denver?

Help! I loved shopping at Rancho Liborio in the Denver area, but they went bankrupt and closed last spring. Also Avanza Market was sold and became Lowes Mercado - which I checked out and do not like. I have not been able to find a Mexican market worth shopping at, and my readers at are emailing me with the same problem.

I particularly miss much of the produce - Rancho Liborio was the best place for tomatillos and Mexican papaya, but there were many wonderful Mexican foods there.

Can anybody recommend a really good Mexican market in the Denver area?

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  1. I like Colorado Ranch Market (a.k.a. Azteca Ranch Market, although their bags say CRM) in Aurora off Colfax. Huge store with a great meat section and pretty good produce, dried chiles, etc. That's my go-to for Mexican (even over the Federal location).