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Dec 10, 2012 08:09 AM

Please help. Is there a sugar free dipping chocolate? Or is there a way I can make one at home?

I'm making a whole wheat pastry flour, sugar free shortbread cookie for a friend. A small portion of the cookie is supposed to be dipped in chocolate both for asthetics and flavor . Unfortunately I can not find sugar free dipping chocolate or bars in any of my local stores. I do have some unsweeted bakers chocolate, but am wondering if that would be too bitter. What do you think? Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can handle this?

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  1. Unsweetened bakers chocolate would be too bitter. You could try melting the chocolate and stirring in some splenda.

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      That is what I was thinking of. But I wasn't sure how it would be. Hmmm I guess I could check the splenda site. Thanks for your help.

    2. You should be able to substitute Splenda for the sugar in the recipe without any problem. There is a Splenda product that measures equal to sugar, that makes substitution particularly easy. If it's just a small amount of sugar, however, I just use the envelopes of Splenda, typically substituting 1 packet of Splenda for each tablespoon of sugar.

      But, how much sugar is involved, and how much chocolate is each cookie dipped in? There may not be enough sugar to matter (assuming that these cookies are for a diabetic).

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        Thanks masha. I just did some research and it turns out splenda does not melt very well. It has a tendency to make the chocolate grainy. But there is a liquid splenda out there that I'll most likely use. To turn 1 oz of unsweetened chocolate into semi sweet you need to add 1 oz of sugar. So I imagine whatever the conversion is between sugar and splenda is what I need to add. Although I do like a darker chocolate, so I will be very light handed. Oh yes; incase anyone else is interested the recipes I've seen for SF chocolate is;
        -6 oz bakers chocolate
        -2T to 3 T coconut oil ( i will use vegetable oil)
        -the amount of liquid SF substitute to suit your taste or style of chocolate you are making.

        Again thanks for your help