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Dec 10, 2012 07:32 AM

Cape dining over the holidays

My sister and BIL are coming for the holidays. We usually go to their house in Northern NJ and go out to dine in NYC -last year it was Bouley. I am looking for a place on the Cape for Sunday Dec 23rd. A number of places are either not serving on Sundays or closed for the holidays. We are in mid Cape so willing to go from Falmouth to P-town. TIA.

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  1. Red Pheasant would be my pick. The fireplace roaring, cozy feel, reliable food, nice bar...and I just's open the 23rd!

    1. I wish I was in P-town having a wonderful lunch at Ross's Grill.
      What a lovely place to be spending the holidays on the Cape!

      1. phelana's rec. is the one I'd follow.