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Dec 10, 2012 07:23 AM

Can I find a steak sandwich like this in North Dallas Metro?

Seems every steak sandwich in this area is chicken fried steak. What I prefer is a regular steak, say a sirloin, on a french roll with lettuce, tomato, mayo. Kind of a BLT only with steak instead.

They are very popular in other areas of the country, but like beef ribs, hard to find here in North Dallas. Anyone know of a place where they sell this kind of Steak Sandwich? The picture below is from a place in Las Vegas. And it's exactly what I am talking about except I prefer mayo although the vinigerette might be good too. Thanks:

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  1. Unfortunately, this is not exactly what you are asking for. However, I would say two steak sandwiches I enjoy are the Lomo Saltado at Latin Deli and the steak sandwich at Libertine Bar. The former is in chunks and the latter sliced so they are not much like the one you requested. They are both delicious however.

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      Thanks. The one with chunks is probably closer to what I am looking for. Sounds good.....thanks again.

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        This one looks pretty good too. It's a place called Uncle Uber's Sammich shop in Deep Elum. Shaved Ribeye, and i see lettuce, tomato, ......all I need is the mayo I guess:

      2. The closest I can think of is Ye Old butcher shop in downtown Plano. He serves a ribeye steak sandwich on Fridays.

        1. I just had a ribeye sandwich at 1st and 10, a bar in Lakewood at Mockingbird and Abrams. Lettuce, tomatoe, mayo and ribeye on a roll. The ribeye, however, was sliced in a weird angled way and I thought the it merely okay. However, it did remind me of your request and it might fit the bill of what you're looking for.

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            Sounds great. And all the key ingredients. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

            Say, did you know there's a fast food steak joint in West Texas? It's called Steak Express. Abilene, Midland, Lubbock, etc. I asked and their steak sandwich is also what I am looking for. Not Chicken Fried, but real steak. I Just wish they had a location here in Dallas Metro.

            They are a Fast Food Steak joint with drive thru and everything. Probably a one of a kind concept. Thanks....


          2. Just thought of one more choice. While not a steak sandwich exactly it's good and close.

            This is a Brazilian style steak with sauces and toppings.


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              Hey thanks Irod. That looks good and I think I can customize it to my own liking. Thanks!

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                I have not been to Fudrucker's in a while but they had a good ribye sandwich the last time I was there. I like to get one with cheese on it with mayo.

                Bigray in ok

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                  Didn't know Fuddruckers had a steak sandwich. THanks!

            2. Try the Rib Eye Sandwich at Beck's Prime at Preston/Forest.