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Dec 10, 2012 07:08 AM

Sharing a steak in Toronto steakhouses

DH's birthday is coming up and he has indicated he would like to go to Jacobs and Co.
I've browsed the menu online, and all the steaks that he (or I) would most likely order are HUGE, as in 32oz or larger.
I myself would barely be able to finish 8 to 10 oz of steak (especially in addition to the tableside caesar which I heard is a must as well as maybe a couple of other sides -- DH is fond of mushrooms in particular).
However, I'm not that interested in the tenderloin or striploin, which seems to be the only cuts which are a reasonable size (for me, at least).

Would it be considered extremely gauche if we shared a steak?
It's not so much the cost (it's a birthday meal so we will splurge -- though I don't know if we would splurge for the wagyu cuts - and in fact the one steak would cost more than if we ordered 2 separate smaller cuts) but the excessive amount of food that I know will not be finished.

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  1. its' not gauche at all. I'm pretty sure the wait staff knows that if you are ordering anything over 12 oz, that it will be shared. I shared an 18oz australian wagyu and it came cut up in a large cast iron skillet. It was delicious by the way...easily best meal I have ever had!

    1. I'm in the same position as you - I often dislike the smaller cuts of meats that are offered and much prefer to share a larger cut among 2 or 3 people. I don't think it's gauche at all and I routinely do this at all kinds of restaurants, not just steak houses. Who eats a 32 ounce steak on their own? Order the steak you want, throw in a couple of sides or a salad, a bottle of wine and enjoy your celebration.

      1. Just a comment that I am surprised that a steakhouse offers only two cuts at under 2 pound weight and a variety over that weight.

        this is really outside of my experience. Grow 'em big up in the great white north, eh? Out of curiosity, what cut will you be ordering and what other 2+ pounders are offered?

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          Menu changes daily, but would most likely order a bone-in ribeye.

        2. I have split a steak at many places. Trust me you will not be the first or last to order one steak between two people. I have never been to Jacob & Co, but I have been to almost every other steak house in Toronto and none of them have had a problem with splitting a steak.

          1. We go somewhat regularly to Jacobs and Co. We usually go in groups of two or four. And we always share steaks. If there are four of us, then we usually get three steaks and ask for the steak to be carved. The steaks will be rested and sliced for sharing.

            You can also ask for the Caesar salad to be shared. We have done 1 order for 2, 2 orders for 3 or 4, depending on how hungry we are. Just let them know when you order.