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Dec 10, 2012 06:58 AM

Moving to Princeton from NYC - what are your favorites?

So I'm very sad to be leaving my favorite food city, but I hope to find good food in the Princeton area as well. So far we've been to Elements, which was great! But where else should we go? I'm thinking mostly weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, and sweets, but maybe an occasional weeknight dinner as well. High-end, hole in the wall, and everything in between. I'm excited to be living minutes from a Cheesecake Factory, so good chains are welcome as well. We eat all types of food and are willing to drive... although having a few places that are cab-able from West Windsor would be appreciated for when we'd like to share a bottle of wine with dinner and not worry about driving after!

I've heard about Blue Point Grill, but anything else? Thanks!

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  1. Last time I was in downtown Princeton, I had to settle for the newly opened Cheeburger Cheeburger because it was a Saturday night and everywhere else had a ridiculously long wait. There's a lot of restaurants that look worth trying, but I've have very limited opportunity.

    1. Bent Spoon for gelato - must try.
      Ajihei (sp?) for authentic Japanese sushi - pricey but great quality.
      There is a bakery across from the library (for the name, sorry) that has some interesting bread offerings.
      Small World Coffee is an awesome coffee shop.

      Darn it, i wish i live in or closer to Princeton. I can only wish Freehold downtown could have better offerings...

      1. Try the Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell...not too far and you will love it.

        1. I have always liked Eno Terra which is in Kingston, a few miles from the center of Princeton. Peacock Inn is good if you want a more formal meal. Main Street Bistro is ok, sort of a high end diner.

          1. welcome to the area! Here's our local fav's:

            .. Fine Dining

            Peacock Inn

            .. Any night of the week dining:

            One 53
            Blue Point Grill - byob
            Blue Bottle Cafe - byob

            .. Pizza

            Osteria Procacinni - artisan, byob Kingston location, wines at Pennington location
            Nomad - artisan, byob
            Conte's - traditional

            .. Steaks and more

            KC Prime (casual)
            Ruth's Chris
            Witherspoon Grill

            .. Gelato

            Bent Spoon

            .. Frozen Custard

            Abbott's (closed for season till spring)

            .. Coffee

            Small World Coffee
            Cafe 44

            .. Breakfast or weekend brunch

            Cafe 44

            .. Lunch

            Lucy's Ravioli Kitchen
            Wegmans Market Cafe

            .. Sushi

            Mo C Mo C

            .. Seafood (fresh market)

            Nassau Street Seafood

            .. Cakes and more

            Chez Alice

            .. Grocery


            .. Specialty Foods

            Bon Appetite - Princeton shopping center
            Lucy's Ravioli Kitchen - fresh pasta, prepared foods and more

            .. Wines & Spirits

            Cool Vines
            Joe Canal

            .. Fresh poultry, specialty market (and awesome pot pies)

            Griggstown Quail Farm

            .. Hotdogs

            Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs

            .. Happy hour or cocktail lounge

            One 53 (small bar but great cocktails)
            Peacock Inn
            Witherspoon Grill's bar

            .. Beers / Sports bar

            Tiger's tale - food's average at best

            .. Burgers

            Bobby Flays
            Rocky Hill Inn

            That should get you started! Lots of info on all the above here on chowhound or google for menus/info.


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            1. re: Foody4life

              ok, 2nd try at this reply....

              wow, thanks, foody - that's quite a list! and to everyone else's responses as well. after our crazy expensive chinese takeout last night, we're looking forward to trying all the places in this post.

              will report back if we find something that was not mentioned that we like... thanks again!

              1. re: jen223

                couple adds to the list of favs!

                .. Any night of the week dining


                .. Happy hour or cocktail lounge


                .. Bagels (how could I forget?!)

                Bagel Barn