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Dec 10, 2012 06:28 AM

Wow! My Aldi's has silpats for $4.99!

I have needed some new silpats for about a year, but last I checked they were nearly $20. We happened to be in Aldi's this weekend and they had them for $4.99, to fit my largest cookie sheets. I bought 2 and used them already, excellent! I hope youhave an Aldi's by you so you can grab a few, also.

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  1. That's so awesome! Too bad we don't have any around here! Good find :)

    1. Ugh my Aldi has them for $7.99. Still cheaper then the original but mine doesn't fit my cookie sheet correctly. And these are the cookie sheets I just bought from Aldi recently.

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      1. re: vttp926

        I wonder why the price difference? I had these on my Christmas wish list and firmly believe in NOT shopping for myself during the budgeted holiday season......I could not pass these up, no way my husband would have found them where he shops this cheap.

        1. re: kmlmgm

          It could possibly be reduced pricing since I got it when it was advertised about 2 weeks ago. They usually lower the price in a week or two after releasing a cookware product. I haven't been in Aldi this week so I don't know if they have been lowered at my store or not.

          FWIW, I am in NC.

      2. I went last night to check it out, and they were $5.99 for me. I picked one up, but I will have to make sure it fits my cookie sheets before I open it.

        Thanks for the heads-up on this -- I didn't see this item in any of the ads.

        1. Are they real Silpats (TM)? Or just generic silicone baking sheets?

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          1. re: pdxgastro

            I've found it doesn't really matter. I use a more generic brand (Qualite) that I bought at Restaurant Depot. They work just as well as my genuine Silpat.