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Dec 10, 2012 05:05 AM

edible rice paper/wafer paper?

I would love to make this nougat recipe I found in Bon Appetit for Christmas:

My family's Italian and we always buy the store bought kind, It would be nice to change it up! The recipe requires edible rice paper/wafer paper. Where can I buy that in Montreal (it can even be in Laval- since I work there). Or does anyone know a source on the internet?

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    1. If I were the one to look for this, I'd try "L'épicerie coréenne & Japonaise" at 2109 Ste Catherines street (near atwater metro). Its a very clean store with lots of products.

      1. I found them at Milanos. They were labeled "Ostie"and there are quite a few 8x11 sheets in the packet. They were on the counter where they sell cheese and cold cuts. They are exactly what I needed.Thanks for the help!

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        1. re: isabella.g

          It should be "Hostie", which is the Sacramental bread.

          Ostie is something quite different !!! :-)

          1. re: Maximilien

            I'm well aware of that, but the printed label from Milanos actually says "ostie"! Haha!