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Dec 10, 2012 04:58 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Traditional Cantonese at Sun Kam Kee Restaurant (新金記海鮮飯店)

They don't come any more traditional than this "dai chow" eatery in Overseas Union Garden, a largely Chinese suburb in Kuala Lumpur.

There were 6 of us at dinner this evening - I have 5 KL old-timers albeit die-hard foodie friends - it was amazing - I did a stocktake of their ethnic background, and found that my KL friends consisted of 1 Cantonese, 1 Teochew, 1 Hokkien, 1 Henghua & 1 Hakka. And they chose a Cantonese spot for our chowdown.

What we had this evening:

- Cantonese-style steamed whole organic chicken, chopped up and served head & all. The soy sauce dressing was delicious.

- "Kum chin tofu", a hard-to-find traditional beancurd dish, cooked with crabmeat, eggs, snowpeas and julienned carrots. It was very. very good.

- Steamed freshwater prawns with ginger and scallions, with egg-white. Absolutely delicious - ultra-fresh prawns used here.

- Stir fried broccoli, celery, ginger, carrots & flat slivers of abalone-shaped fishcake.

- Deep-fried carp with sweet egg-threads. This dish was delicious but a bit oily for my taste.

KL-style traditional Canbtonese comfort food at its best here.

Address details
Sun Kam Kee Restaurant (新金記海鮮飯店)
123, Jalan Hujan Emas 8
Overseas Union Garden
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-7982 6149

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  1. Back to Sun Kam Kee, albeit for a simpler dinner yesterday evening. What we had:
    - Sun Kam Kee's signature fried Hokkien noodles. It was delicious, but what was amazing was that I found out from a KL friend who was with me that I'd actually had Sun Kam Kee's noodles before - over 30 years ago! Sun Kam Kee used to operate from a different location in Overseas Union Garden back in 1982. Even back then, their fried Hokkien noodles were famous, and I'd actually *been* there! But the original proprietor-chef had since passed away. His widow now runs the restaurant in this "new" location, where they've been for over a decade now. The noodles they used now seemed to have been bought commercially, rather than the thick, fat, squiggly noodles I remembered from way back in the early-80s. But the finished product was fragrant with lots of lardons, aromatic dark soysauce and pork.

    - Steamed pork-and-yams, Hakka-style - not the best version I'd tried, but very delicious all the same. The Asian (purple) yam used in this dish had a wonderful, slightly powdery texture and very sweet. Love this dish.

    - Stir-fried "yau mak" (Romaine lettuce) with garlic. Simple, crisp and scrumptious - my fave Chinese vegetable dish in KL.

    - Steamed carp with minced ginger and shallots - very fresh fish. Loved the strong gingery flavours.

    Dinner for 3 persons, plus steamed white rice costed only RM53 (US$17).

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