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Dec 10, 2012 12:05 AM

Favorite fusion/globalization food item

Based on many threads talking about American-Chinese, Tex-Mex, British-Indian, etc. loads of our favorite dishes are the result of globalization or fusion (if not all once we start talking about the traveling of tomatoes, potatoes, etc.).

However, in a very stripped down calculation of Culture A + Culture B = Food Item Awesome, I would like to nominate the halva filled doughnut/sufganiyah. The Middle Eastern/Arabic halva/tahina meets the European-Jewish jelly doughnut to create my favorite doughnut. Add some toasted pistachios on top, and I'm very happy.

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  1. I've never tried the halva-filled doughnut... does sound interesting.

    I'd pick the Korean taco as my favorite fusion item. At least for this year...

    1. The banh mi. Combination of French bread, pate, ham, and cheese with Vietnamese fresh vegetables, slaw and spicyness. The blending of the different flavors, and the textural contrasts in each bite, are addictive.

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        Yes! I love a good banh mi. Honestly, many "traditional" dishes are the result of fusion generations ago.

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          I second banh mi but as Terrieltr said, where do you draw the line between "traditional" and "fusion". I mean, historically, food and food culture was continuously changing, evolving and absorbing foreign influence in terms of ingredients, ideas, as well as techniques. Hmm, i'll also throw in Kung Pao Pastrami via David Bowien's Mission Chinese Food. Good stuff right there!

        2. Indo Chinese! I had a gobi manchurian at a south Indian restaurant in London, and it took me right back to suburban new jersey's Chinese restaurants, but much yummier.