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Dec 9, 2012 10:47 PM

Where to buy soft candies such as fruit jellies, turkish delights, etc?

I think they must be my favorite type of sweet but I have never thought about looking for these! Where to start? Open to any price and provenance, as long as it is soft and sweet.

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  1. You could try Gulluoglu for lokum; Kalustyan's also sells imported lokum.

    Chinese kids love fruit jelly candies, and those can be bought at many different Chinese grocery stores, including places like Hong Kong Supermarket.

    If someone knows a good place to buy pates de fruits to go, I'd like to know. I loved buying those in shops in Burgundy.

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      At this time of year, Whole Foods sells these amazing fruit jellies called pate des fruits. They are very intensely flavored. Addictive.

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        thanxfor the links-
        i will check them out when i visit in may

    2. Eataly has some great soft jelly candies. One of my very favorites is Aplets and Cotlets-from Washington State-google them-so good esp w walnuts embedded in them!!

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        You might try The Sweet Life, at Hester and Ludlow.
        And Whole Foods on Bowery/Houston has a pretty nice candy selection.

        There's a newish French candy/chocolate shop that opened (I think) on Broome, but I can't remember the name or the exact location.

      2. Most halal grocery stores seem to carry the same boxed brand of Turkish delight. You can get some nicer quality lokum from Kalustyan's (or the stores on Atlantic Avenue). There are also two stores on the UES, one on 96th and Lexington and the other on 93rd and 1st that carry a variety of Turkish products, including lokum.

        1. Ive never bough turkish delight at economy candy, but they have a pretty broad selection (understatement) and id be surprised if some of their stock wasnt soft and gummy.

          1. La Bergamote Patisserie (in West Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen) makes really good pate de fruits in a variety of flavors - they had lychee, mango, pear and raspberry when I was there last weekend.

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              That's a good place. I imagine their pates de fruits are much more refined than the ones Whole Foods sells, but please confirm or refute my suspicions.

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                Their pate de fruits are fantastic - I prefer them to La Maison.