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Dec 9, 2012 10:26 PM

Le Cruset [moved from San Francisco Bay Area board]

I have an expensive Le Cruset (I think this is redundant), everyone knows it's expensive but my landlord ruined it for me. I think he used steel wool and now there's rust and I think the coating is gone. Any chance of saving or having it repaired? Advise please. $ is tight to buy a new one. Thanks.


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  1. your landlord does your dishes?

    ...this won't last long.

    1. Chowhound has a "cookware" board -- try there. If your landlord ruined it, he should replace it!

      1. <I think he used steel wool and now there's rust and I think the coating is gone.>

        Completely gone in one shot? Anyway, steel wool can definitely scratch the enameled layer. Regardless what he/she may have used, once the glossy coating is gone, there is nothing you can do to bring it back. That being said, just having the glossy coating disappeared does not mean the cookware is ruined -- it can, but it does not have to.

        The short answer is: No.

        1. Le Cruset has a light colored enamel lining, if it's truely gone, then there should be bare dark metal visible. If he used steel wool, it's possible there are rust spots from steel wool left behind and left wet, this coult potentially "stain" the enamel with a rust stain. If by chance this is the case, try using some oxolic acid to remove the rust stains. Certianly steel wool will dull the enamel finish, but it shouldn't remove it.