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Dec 9, 2012 09:23 PM

what missing YVR 25 years later

Haven't been to YVR haunts since the 80's until a couple of weeks ago. Liked Gurkha Himalayan, Pho Central on Davie, Pho Tan on Main and Saveon meats for burgers. Although in different location the Elbow room was ok same Patrick.

But I truly missed the Green Door in the alley at Pender and was totally choked about the empty ONLY SEAFOOD on Hastings really miss the Manhattan clam chowder., halibut cheeks and chips, fried salmon trout, cracked crab ... Is there any similar to the 80's Only Seafood in Vancouver?

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  1. Kinda doubt it, but if there are any I'm all ears. The Only Seafood was the only joint in YVR where I once ate dinner two stools away from another patron who had a semi-concealed long knife-in-holster under his jacket. But hey, maybe that was his um ..... personal steak knife ;-)

    IMHO the current wave of nouveau retro diners don't pay true homage to the grease diners of yore, in simplicity, taste, value and "homey-ness". But the reborn Save-On-Meats comes closer than all others, IMHO:

    Dang good burgers and shakes, but no seafoods.

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      Someone will no doubt recommend Go Fish @ Fisherman's Wharf next to Granville Island but the place isn't terribly well run-service & attitude can be atrocious and the food quality is uneven at best .