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Dec 9, 2012 08:56 PM

Chicago DD style pizza

Kylie's vs Delfino's and any other contenders, won't have car so must be easily accessed by transit from downtown

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  1. Wallingford Pizza House 2109 N.45th St has the most Chicago in the deep dish.
    Kylie's got two visits from us just after it opened. None since. Maybe they got better.
    Delfino's "stuffed" pizzas are not Chicago's Pizzaria Uno, but are not trying to be. The Uno of my visits is meaty and spicy and lovely drippy, where Delfino's is much too refined for that sort of leakage. I get the stuffed spinach from the freezer case occasionally, but this is not all about the flavor. I enjoy the aggressive cheesiness and the many delights for the tooth in that distinctive crust. I'd love to get Uno's deep dish pepperoni in Delfino's crust - I predict magic.

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    1. re: mrnelso

      Really? I thought Wallingford pizza house was good, but wasn't quite authentic "Chicago-style". (maybe I'm biased by the weird upside baking thing they do)

      On the other hand, i thought Kylie's was probably one of the better "Chicago-style" places I've had in the area.

      I think both Delfino's and Wallingford Pizza serve both a "Stuffed pizza" as well as a "Deep Dish". Have you tried both styles?

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        For whatever it's worth, my Chicagoland born and bred SO likes Kylies first, then Wallingford for DD pizza. I like them both, but I actually think that kylies is a little light on the toppings and cheese for DD.

    2. I finally tried Kylie's a few weeks ago and was really let down. It's a rare day when I say a dish has too much cheese, but this pizza did--too much heavy, bland mozzarella. Pretty flavorless overall, in fact.

      I should try Delfino's again, but the one time I did, years ago, I found it a disappointment also. The only really great Chicago-style pizza I've ever had in Washington was at The Pizza Place up in North Bend--but they've closed.

      BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, a chain out of southern California, does the best version I know of currently in these parts. There's one at Southcenter and one in Tacoma. It's not Lou Malnati's or Giordanno's--it's not even as good as BJ's when they just had one the store, BJ Grunt's, by the Balboa Pier--but it will do until I can visit Chicago again and get the real deal..