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Dec 9, 2012 08:38 PM

ISO fresh epazote

Does anyone know where i could find fresh epazote for some Mexican dishes I'd like to cook? Or even better somewhere local where i could get some seed to grow myself?

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  1. Have never seen it fresh. Not a hugely necessary ingredient anyway. Try Richter's for seeds:

    Not hard to grow.

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      1. re: JeffyK

        Love Richters too. But, watch it. That plant can be invasive.

        1. re: Flexitarian

          Unlike mint, it's an annual. Still, growing it in a large pot or bucket is more convenient.

    1. Dried at Perola's on Augusta.

      1. I've only seen it fresh at Perolas, but haven't been down in awhile. It was hit or miss, and the condition was generally not the best. It loses a lot of it's 'punch' when dried.

        It is easy to grow, but as noted it can be invasive. While it is an annual, it is quite capable of re-seeding itself.

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        1. re: brianl999

          Self-seeding isn't a measure of invasiveness. If it was a perennial that spread by runners, like, mint, then it's invasive. Dried just doesn't cut it. Epazote grows up in pavement cracks in Phoenix. Weedy stuff.