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Dec 9, 2012 06:56 PM

Fine Family Chirstmas/eve Dinner?

I'm looking to bring the whole family out for a nice Christmas or Christmas eve dinner, so small children will be present. I've seen that nicer places might be welcoming to families for a holiday dinner as I've noticed a few fine restaurants have a prix fix kids menu for Christmas / Christmas eve dinner.
Any suggestions on fine dining that would not be appalled by a whole family (including a 3yo and newborn) for a special holiday meal?
NoVa would be great but DC is fine too.

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  1. Hm...that's a tough one but what about this: There are a number of really nice restaurants at hotels in DC and i am certain most of them will be open for both Xmas eve and Xmas, and they would be used to families so maybe...Adour? Fyve in the Ritz in PC? The Jefferson and the Hay Adams have nice restaurants too...good luck & let us know what you end up doing!