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Dec 9, 2012 06:08 PM


My French neighbor was lamenting not finding reasonably priced veal in the states. We were at the armory winter market in Somerville and none of the stands had the goods. She can go to whole foods but doesn't have a huge budget. Other ideas in camberville? If we find her some I think I will benefit! Thanks for any and all ideas.

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  1. don't know cambridge - Sulmona in the North End or Tony's in Roslindale

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        Thanks guys. She doesn't drive so this would be tough for her. Maybe I'll do a mitzvah and drive her to Tony's to stock up.

    1. Any idea what cuts and type of butcher experience your neighbor is looking for, as well as convenient travel locations? You can probably get both ends of the spectrum in butcher service and veal right on Highland -- MF Durlock full service butcher, sustainable meats and follow that bus line to Davis for McKinnon's -- very low price sale box veal (some frozen though), willing to make cuts (eg if they have shanks, they are willing to cut across the bone) but won't bone and roll a cut or pound cutlets. I have only poked my head in Durlock but they appear to have veal.

      Sulmona is really easy from Sullivan via orange to North Station or Haymarket and this time of year no cooler needed. Pretty easy access via connecting bus from most regions of Somerville. They used to have veal sides and you could see them breaking them down. Totally a full service butcher where they will bone, trim, roll, pound, etc with an Italian bent. But they certainly run out of cuts, particularly around big holidays.

      Fresh Pond Supermarket in Cambridge is another good full service option (good to call before to see what they have and if you want some preparation to make sure its not frozen). The Somerville Market Basket carries more veal and in particular some veal offal (no sweetbreads) that others do not (and good option for inexpensive veal breast if you are good with bone-in or willing to do it yourself).

      If the two of you are driving around you could check out Nappi Meats in Medford. Its gone to more of a restaurant format now, so I have to see if they are still cutting meat during the day, but for basic Italian veal they did an excellent job. Similarly Bob's carries pounded cutlets (a bit pricey), but I am guessing that is not what your neighbor wants offhand?