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Dec 9, 2012 04:47 PM

Cake Pop

Personally I think cake pops are silly, but my mom loves the ones sold at Starbucks. I thought I would buy her a couple good ones as a gift. I found a few New York places online and was curious if anyone has tried them. Any other suggestions are welcome as well.

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  1. I saw cake-ball (cake-pop size) baking tins sold at some kitchen supply stores. Maybe buy her a couple of cake-pop tins or buy one for yourself and make her a batch of home made ones that out Starbucks to shame. :)

    1. the Momofuku Milk Bar cake truffles are the same idea without the stick.

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        I haven't had their cake truffles (didn't know they sold those but I haven't been in a while) but everything else I've had at the Milk bar in the past has been quite kick-ass. So +1 for the milk bar.