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Dec 9, 2012 04:37 PM

Name of hidden Japanese restaurant downtown with pretty garden walkway in front?

I posted this in the wrong area, so I'm reposting in the LA one....

There was a really pretty, hidden little Japanese / sushi restaurant I ate at a couple of years ago downtown, and I cannot remember the name or where exactly it was! I'm hoping it's still there...

I want to say it was either on 2nd or close to it. The area looked more or less deserted and the place wasn't crowded. I think they may have even had more than one room.

Very pretty walkway or garden path leading up to the door.

A lot of white inside - tablecloths were white too. Kind of elegantly decorated, and tastefully done. What is the name of this place, anyone know??

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  1. Welcome to Chowhound, FutureV.

    No restaurant matching that description in Downtown L.A...

    BUT you might be describing Nishimura in West Hollywood, by the Pacific Design Center (near the corner of Melrose & Robertson. Yes, it's still there. And the food is still good.

    1. I believe you are referring to Thousand Cranes, which is no more since the change in ownership of the hotel from Kyoto Grand to a Doubletree.

      1. If you are right about the location on 2nd St. then I would have to say it was probably R23

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          There's no pretty garden walkway at R23.

          1. re: JAB

            True, but it meets the rest of the criteria pretty well and folks who make this sort of post seem to routinely get some (most?) of the details wrong.

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              Nope, it wasn't R23, I've been there. It was definitely downtown, I remember after walking through the little walkway/path and going inside, that it was really quaint and pretty (and quiet) inside. I was sitting with my back to the wall, facing the door to the outside. That room was kind of narrow, and I think there may have been another room behind us but I'm not sure. The food was very good though, nicely presented also.

              1. re: FutureV

                I'm wondering if you aren't referring to Reikai's Kitchen. It was in the Little Tokyo Tower (a senior establishment). The only reason I know the place is one of my friends is very familiar with the area and sometimes I'd meet him for lunch and we went several times. The address is on 3rd Street and you could get there walking off Third. The other way was off Second Street walking south past Pinkberry, the Japan America Theater and down this walkway. You did head through a nicely tended garden. My friend believes Reikai means "of the spiritual world." The owner was an ordained Buddhist priest, but when he passed away his wife decided to close the place. It was in a large room at the base of the tower and they served Japanese dishes. The prices were super reasonable and the seniors got even better prices. You weren't getting fancy ingredients, but everything was pretty solid for the price. I especially liked the sashimi salad. It was a salad of chopped greens with slices of sashimi and a light dressing of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil etc. I couldn't find much about the place except this link. Hope this helps.

        2. Could it be the restaurant now known as Zip Fusion? The walkway was inside, though. I don't remember it's former name, but it was around the corner from Al's Bar, the Punk Club.

          1. If Downtown, that could only be the old Thousand Cranes, as has been mentioned. I would imagine the garden is still there, though I cannot vouch for the quality of the restaurant. now there.

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            1. re: Ogawak

              It sure sounded like r23 except for the garden.

              Speaking of which is R23 still there. I haven't been in over a decade. And about 15 years ago to seemed to be able to compete in LA but now with all the other bars in town from Kiriko to Zo, I don't it even comes close.

              Anyhow has anyone tried it recently ?