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Dec 9, 2012 03:46 PM

Horrible Crabcake from Wholefoods!!

Foodies beware!!
For Crabcake, stick with St. Lawrence market!!
Bought myself a $8, 6 oz piece of 'lump crab meat crab cake' from the newly opened Wholefoods in Markham today.
What a joke! DRY, GRAINY AND ABSOLUTELY BLAND and TASTELESS!! Their claim of sweet tasting crab meat...etc! Total BS!!!! What a waste of money!

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  1. Domenic's all the way.

    Sorry to hear it was such a waste

    1. I find Wholefood's prepared food in Unionville is absolute inedible crap! Stay away from everything they make.

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      1. re: callitasicit

        Hello Callitasicit!
        You should have posted this warning much, much earlier!!!
        Noticed their prices at least 10% more than Ambrosia too!!
        :( !!!!!!

      2. I'm a whole foods fan but am not a fan of their fish counter. I have bought a filet full of bones and a spoiled filet, both expensive. After that I decided to stick with my usual spot Pisces.

        1. I'm not impressed with the offerings at the St. Lawrence market either...overpriced and lacking in lump.

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          1. re: stephen

            Customs allow the shipment of seafood. May be for good ones, one needs to order them directly from Maryland in the States?!