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Dec 9, 2012 03:13 PM

low sodium meal delivery in Baltimore?

Looking for suggestions for low sodium meals delivered to a home in the Pikesville area. Does anyone have experience with the national prepared food delivery services, or better yet, a local one? This would be for lunch/dinner 5 days a week or so on a long-term basis.

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  1. I have a friend who provides personalized individual meals and caters events. She works directly with clients to customize menus, making sure all requirements are met with high quality food. There are frequent deliveries so the food is always fresh. She can be contacted at:

    410 980 5131

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    1. re: jfish

      Came across this thread as I was searching for options for delivery of vegetarian meals to Catonsville (?). Is Vicki still in catering? Any other recommendations?

      Thank you.

      1. re: dbird

        I suggest you contact Vicki directly.