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Dec 9, 2012 02:55 PM

California Style Authentic Burritos

I used to live in San Francisco where there are great burrito places on every corner. I'm not talking about Chipotle or Qdoba, but great authentic style burritos with all the fixings. Grilled or Stewed Chicken, with fresh cillantro, jalepenos, sour cream, beans and rice. It starts with the way they steam the flour tortilla, it comes out soft and moldable, when you seal the burrito it cools and stays locked, doesn't come apart as you eat.

Why can't I find something so simple in New Jersey? Please help.

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  1. While this isn't SF, Jersey's a bit larger than the city. It would be helpful if you told us where you currently live and how long are you willing to travel. There are places for this to be had - they're obviously not on every street corner here - it's not what we do well or is it all that common in NJ.

    For what it's worth, I used to regularly get a great burrito out of Charlie Ayres who used to run a kitchen at a small bar in Allenhurst NJ (and now has graduated well beyond burritos, poppers, etc) running a pretty popular Cali cuisine and vegan restaurant on El Camino Real in Palo Alto. I digress here, but it is only because I know what you're after and he had the real deal going.

    But do give us your coordinates and someone should be able to lead you to what you're looking for.

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      Morris or Essex County would be preferable. I guess Union too, but it's a bit out of the way.

      I've noticed that there are large Latin communities in Morristown and Dover, there has to be a decent place.

      1. re: goatroti

        That's a bit out of my universe (living at the shore). I don't believe that you're going to find what you seek in Morris and definitely less so in Essex, though someone may say differently. Good luck. There are things that Jersey does awfully well and there's a lot of it around, but Burritos as you seek are far and few between.

        I've had em at 10th Ave Burrito here in Belmar, and it tries - they're not bad.

        1. re: JustJake

          +1 for 10th Avenue Burrito--take a drive down some weekend!

        2. re: goatroti

          The latino communities in Morristown and Dover have different demographics than Texas/California. More hondurans, the mexicans are from different parts of mexico, etc. Alas, I might focus on finding good latino food and consider yourself lucky if you find a decent burrito. What you crave might be one of those things you only get when you go back to cali.

          El Tapatio is decent mexican in Dover. Pollos Pucalar is in Dover & Morristown, great chicken. El Marino in Dover is good for peruvian.

      2. Alas, one of the simple pleasures it is hard to find in the Garden State. I regret that I don't have a serious "lead" for you. I have had a few breakfast burritios that seemed pretty authentic at Mucho Nacho in Morristown (Burger King strip mall near the train station). Reportedly there are a few places in Dover that serve credible Mexican, but I can't give first hand recs. Hopefully, someone else can.

        1. My housekeeper tipped me of to La Fogata in Berlin, but I haven't been. Let me know if you get there. I've seen some spots in So. Philly that look like they might fit and even (gasp) a taco truck by the Italian Market. You know they'd have what your looking for. Keep this So.Cal gal posted.