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Dec 9, 2012 02:23 PM

Stinky cheese and cilantro

I know there is nothing new under the sun but this combo never occurred to me.

Made a couple of slightly different canapés for our pre dinner snack. My home baked french bread, a smear of Roquefort, fresh cilantro leaves, and some Vietnamese style pickled carrots, in various combinations.

The cheese and cilantro went together amazing well.
I'm one of those people that thinks cilantro tastes like soap but oddly enough still like it.

So, anybody ever try a veined cheese with cilantro?

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  1. I happen to love cilantro in Mexican cooking but am a bit embarrassed to admit I never ventured outside of it. So I'm no help. BUT your subject title is somewhat misleading. Blue cheese is NOT "stinky"..:-)

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    1. re: miss_belle

      miss_belle; I am sorry to say, IMO, YES - blue cheese CAN be stinky - depends on the age of the Roquefort - if a well aged one - and perhaps a not very properly cared for one - it can be QUITE stinky. Not always in a good way. If not properly wrapped or cared for after the wheel is cut, the cheese can develop very powerful odors and an ammonia scent even.

      If properly cared for and well aged, it does have a strong flavor, and at least a pungent odor, which some might call 'stinky' depending on their personal 'nose'.

      All that said - I am surprised by a blue cheese with cilantro, kengk - never tried it, but perhaps it might be good. It certainly is a 'cross-cultural' use of both! :)! A new take on French-Asian fusion?

      1. re: miss_belle

        Of course it is stinky. We just need to not think of stinky as a pejorative. But anything that smells like that is stinky. Delicious, yes, but stinky.