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Dec 9, 2012 01:50 PM

Looking for an Alaska Bake

My family is coming to Alaska in June. We will be getting off a cruise ship and spending time in Denali and Anchorage and not sure where else yet. My husband was in Alaska around 30 years ago and remembers going to an Alaska bake where you could eat all the salmon, halibut and ribs you wanted for a set price. I'm trying to find one but coming up short Can anyone please help me find an establishment that is good like this. He especially wants to eat Halibut. If not where can you get a great meal of halibut even if it is a more traditional restaurant.

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  1. I stand corrected it might not be all you can eat. But he remembers just a very basic but good meal. Everyone got the same sides but you had a small choice of main meat/ fish.