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Dec 9, 2012 12:45 PM

Fat Girls


WTF? If I owned this restaurant I believe I would beat the crap out of the employee that did this before firing them.

  1. Had I been the recipient of that tab, I would have taken a blank piece of notepaper from my purse and a sharpie (yes, I always carry paper and a sharpie), I would have drawn a fake dollar bill and would have written :"For the *uckin' Moron Waiter--Here's your tip"

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    1. re: jarona

      A good old fashioned ass-whipping would have been in order. I mean, who doesn't know fat people are dangerous when provoked? Clearly, an example needed to be set.

    2. Poorly handled by management as well. "We apologize, your bill has been taken care of and here is a gift card.........we just hope you will give us another chance" would be the only way to handle this. Not taking off 25-50%.

      1. As owner,pissed would just be the starting gate in a long race.Fired with cause would be the nicest thing happening to ALL STAFF involved.Even the dumb ass,douche that reluctantly tried to negotiate,re-negotiate a reduced PRICE.........TWICE !,
        As the patron/s ,a scene would do for starters.This isn't a he said,she said allegation,it's the written,printed word IN MY HAND.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Let's play devil's advocate for a minute.

            If the check had said the "tall man in the corner" would anybody have got upset?
            "The lady with the awesome rack"
            "Two Hispanic males by the door"
            "The black guy in the middle"
            "The devastatingly handsome man with his lovely wife" < ------Me!

            I saw video of the ladies in question: they were quite heavy.

            Bottom line, IMO, don't hurt the customers feelings or otherwise make them angry. Us fat folks don't like being called fat. Surely everybody gets that.

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            1. re: kengk

              Also it's unlikely the waiter had their health in mind when he typed that. Shaming people just doesn't seem to work anymore.

              1. re: smoledman

                Would you shame a cancer patient for being ill with their "health in mind"? Of course not, that would be just as ridiculous as shaming a fat person.

                1. re: smoledman

                  anymore? I doubt shaming anyone has ever worked. Maybe sent them into hiding.

                2. re: kengk

                  Yes, I saw a picture of the women in question, and they were ample. But you're right, don't hurt the customers' feelings.

                  The perfectly healthy young man with acne scars would not want to see "pizza face" on his receipt.
                  The handsome man with protruding ears would not want to see "Dumbo" on his receipt.

                  And thanks for the only smile on this thread: "The devastatingly handsome man with his lovely wife" < ------Me!

                  1. re: kengk

                    Actually, you know what some of us fat folks don't like? The fact that 'fat' is not the neutral descriptor it should be. Instead, it is a term that is meant to fill us with shame and to embolden strangers to assume they know everything about our health, our hygiene, our diet, and our activities. It is a term that people assume is not a descriptor, but an 'insult'.

                    That said, what this restaurant did was idiotic, from the use of a term that is still too loaded to be neutral to the response to the complaint.

                    Sadly, there's just no shaming people out of their idiocy or their complacency.

                    1. re: kengk

                      "The lady with the awesome rack" would have upset me indeed. I am not a walking pair of boobs.

                      Regardless, I agree with your last point. anyone in a position of service who expects income from good service should keep their opinions to themselves in a professional environment, so long as they're not personally being assaulted. Rude and classless.

                      1. re: kengk

                        I would have been offended by "The lady with the awesome rack."