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Dec 9, 2012 12:43 PM

Spicy Mint Beef

Hi Folks,

I'm doing some cooking for a woman I really want to impress. So here is what I'm making:

App/ Starter: ?

Main: Spicy Mint Beef

Side: ?

Dessert: a chocolate mousse/pudding/creme creation. It's very rich.

So my question/plea is this.I'm not too worried about the starter; but I need a side dish the is easy to prepare and will help cool the palate. So ideas...

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  1. I would think simple steamed rice or even orzo. Or maybe a coconut rice? That could be a nice cooling addition. Maybe some stir fried/sautéed ginger/garlic sugar snaps or green beans too.

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      coconut rice and maybe some raita, very cooling. And sugar snaps are a great idea.

    2. Could you tell us a bit more about the spicy mint beef, or share the recipe? That will make it easier to recommend complementary dishes. What area/region does it hail from?

      Edit: is it this recipe?

      If so, I think this cucumber-mango-jicama salad would be a nice side (just cut back on the chile powder):

      You could serve the beef over plain jasmine rice, rice vermicelli, or the above-mentioned coconut rice.

      Appetizer could be Tom Kha Gai soup? Or perhaps summer rolls with shrimp, dipped in hoisin sauce?