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meeting spot - drinks/food

Meeting a bunch of friends in mid January for a bit of a reunion. We are all staying downtown (Ritz) and getting in at different spots... eventually headed to the Rads reunion show at Tips....where is a good spot to meet for drinks/lite bites before we head uptown? Don't neccesarily need a sit down meal....Thanks!

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    1. Bombay Club is close and fits your needs. Good drinks and good bar food.

      1. Consider staying at the Ritz Jeremy Davenport Lounge until everyone gets in and go from there.

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        1. Erin Rose bar on Conti....Killer Poboys in the back.

          1. By the way, in case you didn’t know, Krewe du Vieux is Saturday night. Should be a fun kick off to the Rads show on Saturday.

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              Already on the agenda! Big brunch --nap --parade----radiation! Thx

            2. I'm not a local, but we loved Mimi's. A little out of the way, but well worth the journey to another hood - Mimi's in The Marigny. Good wines, beers, amazing tapas and a pool table. The goat cheese croquetas and mushrooms & manchego toasts are ridiculously good.

              2601 Royal St., a little over a mile to Tip's. They will call you a cab if needed. We met up here for some food and drinks and then headed to Vaughn's via cab.


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                I enjoy Mimi's too, but it's way further than a mile away from Tipitina's. Probably more like six miles, and a good $15-$20 cab ride. That Mimi's corner is a good place to watch Krewe de Vieux also.

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                  Oops, my bad. It is a great spot though. I'm headed into town in late January and it's on my short list.