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Recommendations 18th street and First Avenue

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My daughter is visiting a friend in this area-Any recommendations for a casual place-Thanks

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  1. One place that comes to mind is Molly's Shebeen, an iconic Irish pub on 3rd Avenue, just north of 22nd Street. Not exactly in the neighborhood, but a reasonable walk. Also very casual. Prices are reasonable and the food is good for pub grub, especially the hamburgers.

    Here's a link to the website:


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      Completely agree with Mollys. Get the burger and onion rings

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        Thanks for the recommendations of Mollys-right up my alley-our group of 5 enjoyed

    2. How much do they want to spend and what day of the week would this be for? Also, do they prefer certain cuisines? And how far are they OK with walking?

      Some possibilities: Momofuku Ssam Bar (13th and 2nd - casual atmosphere but mid-priced rather than cheap and sort of unpretentiously serious eclectic food), The Redhead (13th between 1st and 2nd - very good fried chicken, etc., good beers), and various places a little further south in the East Village that I'll mention if I can have some idea of how far they're OK with walking.

      Also, further north and west (mostly between 26th and 29th, centering around Lexington Av.), there are Indian places.

      1. Posto Pizza on 18th and 2nd is a good option.

        1. YES! Motorino, John's, The Redhead
          While I stand behind all of my recommendations, if 12th is too "far," you can try:
          Petite Abeille

          1. Hearth
            Momofuku Noodle Bar

            1. Thanks for the recommendations-As a fried chicken lover will definitely try redhead-all seem good

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                Awesome. I'm actually going Friday myself.

              2. 13th and 1st is Jeepney Gastropub for Filipino or Grill 21(21st and 1st) for more traditional Filipino food.
                --Bugs Japanese Restaurant is on 12 and A.
                ---Lanza's Italian is inexpensive and casual , the food is Ok.
                --- Cafe Cito is casual and delicious Cuban food ( !3th and C)

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                  I'll demur on Lanza's, based at any rate on lunch a couple of years ago. Highly lackluster.

                  John's of 12th St. is in the area too, though.

                  How does Jeepney compare to Maharlika?

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                    I agree Lanza's is lack luster, but its edible and near the OP's location. John's is fairly lackluster too, so is Gene's. I like Lavagna though. Anyway, Jeepney is different than Maharlika. The chef is the same but the menu has totally different dishes. Maharlika was supposed to be more inventive Filipino food, but I find Jeepney is more like that. Jeepney was supposed to be more traditional. Jeepney will be great in warmer weather as they have nice back yard. The sisig and the crispy pata are my favorite dishes at Maharlika. The langonesa burger and the palabok are different from any Filipino food I've had but I like them both very much. Maharlika is always buzzing, but I hear Jeepney's bar on weekend nights is even more buzzing I was there early during the week and it was quiet. It's a different vibe though. I would say check it out and report back.

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                      I probably will eventually. One issue with Maharlika is that I really have to go on a carb day, as their menu items are so carby. Is that pretty much true at Jeepney, too?

                      I don't agree that John's is that lackluster. Some of their dishes are just OK, but in general, I find it good, honest food and wine with gracious service. Totally agreed on Lavagna, though; it's really good.

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                        I think the food at Maharlika is more fatty or proteiny than carby even though it all comes with garlic rice. Crispy pata, sisig, kare kare, none of these are carby. Jeepney would have a few non carby choices, although the banana sauce on the burger and the bun has carbs, they have a fish dish that's good , and the pinakbet is not that carby nor is the bone marrow. In fairness to John's i like the "old time atmosphere" the service is definitely friendly and they have vegan options. Lanza's was good 40 years ago, changed a bit after Sal Anthony's took them over. I've probably eaten there once in the past 10 years, it was decent and very reasonable, perhaps lackluster too :)

                2. Two other places popular with locals, for what it's worth:

                  Frank's on 1st and 21-22nd is an old-style Italian-American place. (Old in every sense.) Not gourmet, but pizza and lasagna and pork chops and simpler dishes are inexpensive (many under $15 with salad) and better than you might expect. Avoid the house wine, and no need to spring for the pricier specials.

                  Hane Sushi at 1st and 20th is relatively upscale in ambience, with a 2 for 1 drink special.

                  The food at Vamos (already recommended) is very tasty, and though I'm no expert, the food seems more Mexican and less Tex-Mex or NY-Mex than you'd expect. The racket can be deafening if you hit it when it's crowded.

                  I'm not a fan of La Petite Abeille, next door to Vamos. Noisy and I don't like most of the food. But if you're a fan of Belgian beer, go for it. It must be doing something right--it's always jammed.

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                    Agree with your recommendations for Frank's and Hane. I'm not a fan of La Petite Abeille either.