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Dec 9, 2012 11:44 AM


We invited some friends and neighbors over for Thanksgiving and one family hasn't returned my plastic bundt carryer and lidded pie case. I need both this week. They are very busy-3 kids, both work and I rarely see them. Can I leave a note?? I am afraid I'll seem pushy.
There is a backstory-many years ago in another neighborhood, I gave a dish of something (I forget what) to a neighbor and it was never returned. I knocked on the door to ask about the bowl a month later (It fit in my steamer and I used it to cook rice) and the husband didn't know anything about it, but I looked down at the coffee table and they were using it as an ashtray.

Any advice....Ann

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  1. Ask for them back saying you need them this week for another event.....I've stopped giving any "decent" containers to anyone as I know I won't get them back, so I save butter containers & takeout containers to send people home with stuff.....

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      I would do the same as far as asking for the items back. What a great idea to send people off with recycled containers when possible. I often buy inexpensive containers at the "dollar" store for this purpose.

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          You are not being pushy to ask for your things back. You are not talking about throw away glad plastic containers here!

          Just leave a note or voicemail that says you need them back, You can even add that you know they are super busy so you are happy to swing by and get them-maybe they can leave them at their mailbox, in the garage, on the porch, etc

          gah! I keep replying to the wrong post when I mean to reply to OP! sorry!

          1. re: foodieX2

            I think this is the best option -- they have to know that it's not cheapy throwaway stuff that you won't miss...and if you make it so they don't have to actually *do* anything to get it back to you other than leave it in an agreed-upon spot, they really have no excuse not to do so.

            I go to the local Asian market and pick up a package of 25 takeout containers before we have a big do at our house (aluminium pans with lids, or plastic takeout containers)

            Then people can take things home, and I don't even *want* it to come back.

            1. re: sunshine842

              I have a case of 'chinese food containers' (240 quart containers with lids) that I bought a couple of years ago for $30 for sending leftovers home with people.

              It's not rude to leave them a note. They may be hoping to make something to put in it as a gift to you, or have other good intentions.

              1. re: jeanmarieok

                Sorry if I've got this in the wrong place. If I want a container back, I'll put a piece of freezer tape on the top or bottom with my name on it as a "gentle reminder" to return it. However, I've also learned to send leftovers or kitchen gifts in recycled or not-needed containers.

        2. If it's something you use DON'T LEND IT OUT. Period. End of story.

          1. They have had over two weeks. Chances are the item has become invisible to them at this point.
            Requesting it's prompt return is not pushy at all.

            1. Knock on the door and say "I'm sorry I forgot to come collect my bakeware. I've been driven off the couch by my imminent plans to bake a bunt cake." If they're not home, leave a note to the same effect, asking them to leave it outside your door. And if you mind not getting your equipment back right away, next time go get it sooner.

              1. If it is something really important , don't send it .
                If you must, be explicit about wanting it back and write your name on it with a marker.