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Dec 9, 2012 11:33 AM

Wine Blogs

It is interesting in Minneapolis how many people have created wine blogs that center on wines under $15. Now I know that the bulk of wine drinkers only drink under $15 wines but isn't the price point cheap enough just to experiment on your own.

The other interesting point is how many promote certain brands based on advertising on their blogs or because they know the family.

Do people on this site actually buy based on what a local blogger in your town promotes?

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  1. No.

    OK, at least not me, but I'm (probably) not the typical CH user.

    Then again, how does one know what city a particular blogger is located in? I mean, quite often it's not usually the most obvious thing one finds on a blog, is it? "Hi, my name is Jean Deaux, and I live in Des Moines"???

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    1. re: zin1953

      For many local ones they will state they are based out of a certain city/state. Also you could throw in your local glossy lifestyle magazines into the discussion as they also promote larger corporate wines.

      When a blogger starts talking about how complex Apothic is we have a problem with skill and an unbiased approach to wine.

      1. re: wineglas1

        I can't say I've ever paid attention to geographic location. Then again, I don't pay much attention to *any* wine blogger for recommendations . . . for LAUGHS, yes; but not for recommendations . . .

    2. Not in the $15 price range. But Richard Jennings is in the Bay Area, tastes a freakish amount, and while I don't always agree with him (nor know him personally) he's introduced me to many producers I wasn't familiar with before and since he's in the SF Bay Area, there is a nice amount of focus on Northern CA wines.

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      1. re: goldangl95

        Richard Jennings is a dedicated wine professional. His blog is viewed worldwide. It is amazing how many tasting notes he can do at one event and be overall accurate.

        1. re: wineglas1

          Are you asking about wine blogs that only are worthy of local readership? Because while Richard Jennings certainly tastes enough wines to be of worldwide consequence, there is definitely some benefit of being in the same local area - as he frequents many of the same wine stores and wine areas as other locals resulting in notes on wines that I can purchase or taste easily.