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Dec 9, 2012 11:09 AM

Seeking Rome Restaurant Recommendation walking to Piazza Navona

Hey folks -

Seeking a restaurant (dinner) recommendation walking distance (15 mins or less) to the Christmas Market at Piazza Navona. We'll have a party of 8 (6 adults + 2 pre-teens).

Good, honest food - good wine. Fabulous pastas - selection of meats (seafood lower priority). Prefer traditional versus nouveau). Good service. Also, we're OK with restaurants that can lead the way sans menu.

Two options I've seen on Chowhound:
- Il Fico
- Settimio Al Pellegrino


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  1. Settimio Al Pellegrino is a great, authentic choice. The lighting is bright, the selections few, but the cooking is simple, honest fare.

    If you are hungry on a monday or at a slightly off time - I also really like Cul de Sac. There are lots of choices for all kinds of appetites. My cold weather choice is always a slab of cinghiale pate (with a stripe of dark chocolate) a bowl of onion soup and a glass of Lazio Cesanese. one caveat, the seating can be a little cramped.
    Piazza di Pasquino, 73

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      I'll add for lurkers who may turn up this thread later that while I highly recommend the food at Settimio al Pellegrino, the place can be noticeably cold on winter nights. It has such limited seating that I'm not sure one could arrive with a large group and get one's pick of tables (it is warmer by the kitchen!)

    2. We enjoyed both Armando al Pantheon and Grano on a recent visit to Rome: both are close to Piazza Navona. Armando offers more traditional Roman food at a good price in a warm environment; Grano is a bit more stylish, a bit more pricy and has some touches from southern italy evident. Of course, there are many restaurants within 15 min of Piazza Navona, including much-recommended Roscioli in Campo di'Fiori

      1. Near Piazza Navona you've got quite a few good choices.

        Vino e Camino - Great atmosphere, feels more like a country restaurant than a city one. Perfect for a group your size. Their pastas are fabulous, all very traditional. Very warm and cozy.

        Costanza: An old fashioned place located between Piazza Navona and Campo de' Firori. Again, great pastas, but also make sure you try their house antipasto:pizza bianca served with liver pate and fresh marscapone cheese.

        Renato e Luisa - Located between Piazza Navona and Largo Argentina. A bit more creative than the other two, but not overly so. Fabulous deserts if you have room.

        Any of these would work for you. While I love Settimio, I'm not sure it's the post Christmas market for a family group type of place. The menu is very limited so with two pre teens in tow, I think you may be safer with my suggestions.

        1. My suggestion, in addition to the others, would be to get Elizabeth's Eat Rome app. (Probably a link in her signature)

          There are many choices in the Navona area and being able to check them out on an app gives a nice advantage and helps you match your choice to your desires in the moment.


          1. Thanks everyone! Looks like we are going to go to Costanza - seems like a good venue / interesting atmosphere in addition to the menu - for 8 people . And yes, Elizabeth's Eat Rome app is VERY usefull!