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Dec 9, 2012 10:47 AM

Fruit purees and or concentrates

I wanted to try a fruit gelee recipe I saw in Dec. cooking Light mag. It calls fort fruit purees or concentrates and recommends ones from They are all 1kg. packages and @$25.00/ item. Was wondering if there was any place in Boston area or on internet I could get same or similar item in a smaller amount/price. 2.2 lbs. is a lot of puree! Thanx

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  1. I saw that recipe too and thought it would make fun gifts. I was thinking I could use baby food. The grocery store has a huge selection of 100% fruit purees in the baby food section. I have had success using them in other recipes so thought they would work for this too. No idea how they compare in price though…

    1. I've gotten 1-kilo frozen fruit purees by Boiron at Christina's. Not cheap, but superb quality. Got the white peach to make Bellinis once: awesome. They mostly sell them to restaurants.

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        Boiron does sell smaller sizes including in squeeze bottles (some where in the 12 oz range) for easy dispense such as at bars.

        This place in East Boston sells in sizes as small as 17 oz, but I cannot vouch for them in any way: