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Who sells spiral-cut hams (besides Honey Baked)?

Friend insists on a spiral-cut holiday ham. Manually doing it takes skill we don't have, especially after a couple of egg nogs. Commercial spiral cutters are strictly pro gear. Honey Baked is not our favorite. Any other retail spiral-cut hams around? Will pay for quality.


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  1. Are you willing to drive? These guys are located in Peabody. I posted this article on another thread about fresh ham. My north shore friends say their spiral style ham is wonderful. It's actually sliced and reassembled but same idea.

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      Love that story! Will definitely drive for the right ham. Would be great to give the business to a local indie like that.


    2. Savenors has a spiral ham on their online ordering site.

      1. Costco. Pretty darn good. I think the ham we got from Trader Joe's a couple of years ago was also spiral cut -- and it was good, too. Both come with a packet of sweet glaze that you can slather on when you heat it up, if you so choose.

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          Last year, Costco had Niman Ranch hams and they were a reasonable size, i.e., not gigantic. I liked it because it wasn't too sweet and had a good texture.

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            I too got a great ham at Costco last Christmas. Def. recommend it.

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              I picked up a small pre-cooked spiral-cut ham from the Waltham Costco last week and seem to remember they had two varieties available. Very reasonably-priced, and pretty tasty.

          2. If mail order is an option I highly recommend New Braunfels Smokehouse: http://www.nbsmokehouse.com/

            We got a spiral-sliced half ham from them for a New Year's Day party a few years ago and were VERY happy with it (as we have been with most everything we've ever ordered from them, received as gifts, or had at their restaurant when we found ourselves in that part of TX.)

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              Thanks to all for an amazing array of options: exactly what I hope for from my Chowhound friends. I recommended and was heeded on the New Braunfels Smokehouse option, will report back.


            2. Costco, I've always liked the taste.

              1. Honestly they all taste pretty much the same. This time of year any decent supermarket usually has them. Heck, I've seen them at restaurant depot.

                If it were me I'd get a good country ham from down south, but that's another beast entirely.

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                  I agree- there's a limit to how many pearls with which one can adorn a swine - they are all pretty good. As you indicate, country hams ( and jamon Iberico) are different beasts. I wish I had a Honey Baked ham store nearby.

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                    Slathered in sweet/clovey sauce (I make mine own, never use the one that it ships with) my SO likes em. They're not bad for what they are, but WAY rather get a country ham myself...

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                      there is a honey-baked ham store in nashua.

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                        eta: saw them at market basket tonight too.

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                      For those of us who are Yankees and have not had the pleasure of a true "Southern country ham," what differentiates it?

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                        I really like them, but only one other person in my extended family does, too. Very salty. Helps to be able to make really good biscuits to serve with.


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                          A real country ham that has some age on it can come close to some of the finest hams from Spain. I love them either sliced thin and eaten as is, or done the traditional way sliced about 1/3 of an inch, flash fried, and then make redeye gravy and biscuits. Amazing stuff. Really worth trying.

                          You can also cook the whole ham just like any other ham.

                          These guys do a great job of it.


                          One of America's real food treasures.

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                          Two thumbs up on Nueske's. We get one every year. They are terrific, the company is super about service, and the bone at the end makes great soup. Can't say enough about how good this ham is. Try the smoked turkey, too.

                        2. I got one from Butcher Boy in North Andover a few years back and it was very good.