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Dec 9, 2012 10:13 AM

Raspberry Cake Filling ~ Strain Seeds or Don't Bother....

It is going in between layers of Beatty's Chocolate Cake
(along with whipped cream)
and this is a run-through for a cake I plan to bring to a party
Saturday nite....
Just made the Raspberry filling and it tastes great, just not sure
of the seed issue....
The recipe doesn't call for straining it....

What say all you 'Hounds ?

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  1. I would strain.

    You could test by straining for half the cake and see if it is worth it.

    1. Personally, I HATE raspberry seeds in anything, but that's just me. So I would prefer it strained myself....

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      1. The few things I make with raspberry filling, I use thinned raspberry jam that is made to be seedless. I try to keep one on hand at all times, because when you really need it, it can be hard to find. Seeds are really annoying to me, and ruined anything I ever left them in.