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Raspberry Cake Filling ~ Strain Seeds or Don't Bother....

It is going in between layers of Beatty's Chocolate Cake
(along with whipped cream)
and this is a run-through for a cake I plan to bring to a party
Saturday nite....
Just made the Raspberry filling and it tastes great, just not sure
of the seed issue....
The recipe doesn't call for straining it....

What say all you 'Hounds ?

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  1. I would strain.

    You could test by straining for half the cake and see if it is worth it.

    1. Personally, I HATE raspberry seeds in anything, but that's just me. So I would prefer it strained myself....

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      1. The few things I make with raspberry filling, I use thinned raspberry jam that is made to be seedless. I try to keep one on hand at all times, because when you really need it, it can be hard to find. Seeds are really annoying to me, and ruined anything I ever left them in.

            1. On the other hand, I love chewing on the seeds. I'm sure I'm in the minority on this.

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              1. re: EllenMM

                i don't strain and appreciate the textural contrast. have never had a guest complaint, but i see i am in the minority. don't bake much for the elderly though, tbh.

                1. re: EllenMM

                  I am surprised to see so many seed haters. I've always loved the texture too!

                2. Also, I don't have dentures, but from what I've heard over the years raspberry seeds can be a problem for those who do. Another reason to strain.

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                    Big problem for those with divertculosis, they could end up in the hospital. Although I'm sure they're on the lookout before eating things.

                    1. re: coll

                      the relationship between seeds and diverticular disease is no longer certain.
                      however, although I like the seeds I would strain because so many people don't. ANd it takes like a minute.

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                        Never thought of straining myself til now, next time I can't find seedless jam I won't be so upset! But I just can't stand the seed texture, especially in a rich dessert.

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                          I actually "did" buy some (seedless) Raspberry preserves / jelly
                          in an upscale grocery store,
                          thinking I might try it, but when I took a taste it was SO SWEET !!!!
                          I was going for that refreshingly sort of tart taste which when combined with
                          the whipped cream (also a filling component) would be sublime....

                          I did strain the fresh Raspberry sauce, it's true it's not time consuming
                          or anything, I was just being lazy.... and hoping someone would back up
                          my laziness :-)

                          Plus, I had this weird idea that some of the raspberries might stay
                          "whole" and be pretty as a filling, but of course they all cooked down.

                          1. re: oooYUM

                            I usually thin it out with raspberry liqueur or something similar, can't say if it makes it more tasty. Probably if I made preserves from scratch in the summer would be the optimum plan.

                  2. I always strain. It takes me about 5 minutes to press a batch of cooked raspberries through a sieve with the back of a spoon. It's well worth it.

                    1. Another for straining. I don't eat raspberries because I hate the way the seeds get caught in my teeth.

                      1. This reminds of me of "great" linzer tart debate my bakery owning grandparents use to tell over Thanksgiving dinner. For years they filled the cookies with raspberry jam that had seeds until a very important councilman asked if the cookies he had purchased were somehow spiked with bird seeds by mistake. Crazy right?! But, my grandfather never used raspberry filling with seeds after that in any pastry sold.

                        1. Strain it. Some people cannot digest the seeds and they tend to get caught in the teeth which is not very glamorous if your are having a party.

                          1. I always strain it, it just isn't that time consuming or hard to do and then I know that everyone can enjoy it. So many times you don't know that someone has a food issue until you're in a situation where someone can't eat something- its so much nicer for everyone to make it a non-issue.

                            1. I am a religious strainer of raspberry seeds. Happy to wash the extra equipment every time.

                              1. Well, I went ahead and strained the seeds,
                                YUMMY Raspberry filling...

                                The cake turned out well, moist and chocolatey, but I wasn't a fan of the
                                chocolate ganache "frosting"

                                I hope I can come up with something I like better in the next few days....
                                But the filling with the whipped cream in the middle, definitely good !!!!

                                Thanks all for the replies :-)

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                                  A friend of mine -- who hates, and therefore strains, raspberry seeds, btw -- makes a cake with a raspberry whipped cream in the center and chocolate whipped cream on the top and sides.

                                  You leave the cream, sugar, and cocoa in the mixing bowl in the fridge for an hour prior to whipping.

                                  1. re: oooYUM

                                    What didn't you like about the ganache frosting? If you want something lighter, the last time I did that cake, I gently folded beaten ganache into stiff whipped cream.

                                  2. I strain. It's easy and quick and makes the cake a lot better.

                                    1. Strain. At least half.
                                      I made a layer cake with raspberries (made similarly to preserves) between the layers a few months ago, and I figured I wouldn't strain it, since I don't mind seeds that much. It turned out to have way more than I anticipated. Tasted fine, but the sheer amount of seeds ruined it for me.