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Dec 9, 2012 09:38 AM

Boneless Pork Rib Roast - slow roasting - need help

I need a little help. I have a small 1.8 pound boneless pork rib roast. Here is what I've done so far. I made a brine with pineapple, mango juice, salt, bay leaf, water and peppercorns. Soaked it 8 hours. Then I dried it, made little cuts in it, and stuffed some garlic in there. Then I browned it, and I just put it in the oven at 275 fat side up. Planning on slow cooking it 2 1/2 hours, resting a half hour.

Is my pork gonna be edible? Am I cooking it to high? I need to serve it in 3 hours, so I'd rather adjust the temp then the cook time, or let it rest in a cool oven. Can I let it rest in the oven at 150 or so until it's time to serve it if it gets done early? Is 275 too hot for 2 1/2 hours cook time?

Normally I could just wing it with a thermometer but my thermometer is broken and I forgot to replace it, so I'm kind of uncertain about how to proceed.

Any advice?

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  1. I'd take the time you have before dinner to run out and get a thermometer, the days of x temperature at y lbs is long over and faulty. Increasing temperature you'll end up overcooking the outside.

    I'm assuming that you're serving it whole, else you can carve in the kitchen, and if it's still to pink for you, can heat in a pan.

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      I agree. Get a thermometer. I know that I can't cook pork without one. Be sure to make some sort of gravy just in case you overcook it.

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        I also agree unfortunately that's just not an option as the guests I'm cooking for also took the car, and I must serve when they get back to keep a tight travel schedule.

        Good idea about finishing it in the pan if it's still too pink after it rests. That'll be the lifeline that makes this work :)

      2. Assuming you have a boneless loin roast, I would drop the heat down to 225*. I just did one the other day and allowed 2.5 hours total cooking time ...but I allowed an extra 60 minutes for resting the roast at the lowest WARM setting of 140*.

        The roast hit 140* in 2.5 dropped down to 130* during the holding period, which was fine for me for serving, but you could certainly finish with a 5 minute high heat blast @ 450*. No second resting period is necessary.

        1. I think you know how to prepare it. Just use your good judgement.

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            They brought me a thermometer when they got back. I had just taken out my pork and it was about 150 or so, before resting. A bit overcooked but I made gravy and it was pretty good. Next time I'd cook it slower but longer and have the thermometer first.