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Dec 9, 2012 09:13 AM

where to buy a fresh ham 20 lb plus

Does anyone know where to purchase? thank you in advance.

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  1. For some reason, the Boston area has for decades had a dearth of fresh ham (though I hear it sometimes can be found in Latino markets). It's an utter mystery to me, as it's a common cut to find in other parts of the US (for example, on Long Island). But here, it seems someone decided that pork shoulder/arm cuts should suffice but for special order; but they do not, as they are not equivalent to the leg of pork, which is a relatively lean roast that is felicitously fitted with a fantastic fat cap.. It then becomes a demand-supply issue, because it fades as a cut in locals' memories, and so they don't demand it anymore, reinforcing the cycle. Last Christmastime, I believe Wegman's carried it. Call around. You usually special order it, IIRC.

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      Puritan Beef sells Fresh Ham year round (smaller sometimes pieces in the display coolers, but I have seen some freshness issues, so ask for a bigger one from the walk-in). Have also gotten one at different times of the year from Lord Jeff's, but not in a while. McKinnon's and DeMoula's (Somerville, Chelsea, Burlington) regularly carry Fresh Ham for major Christian holidays, with much more on hand for Easter (Chelsea a couple of years ago had more than they could sell so marked them down significantly after the holiday). Larger hams are easier to find, but both (particularly MB) do carry some smaller pieces. I have had McKinnon's order it year round. With Puritan, go early, and I still recommend calling Market Basket or McKinnon's to ask them to set one of the appropriate size aside.

      NE Meat Market below is more of a neighborhood butcher than Savenors. They carry a decent array of less common offal, etc as well as Portuguese boxed wines and food goods. Pretty much any butcher catering to Italian or Portuguese would likely carry them for Christmas and Easter (Bob's in Medford definitely orders them, but their prices are a bit higher). Fresh Pond Supermarket along that lines would certainly order a Fresh Ham and may have them on hand.

    2. Have you called your regular market? Many will special order for you which is how I got mine. I would think Savenors or even Whole Foods could get one for you.

      Also I bookmarked this last year, though it might be too far for you.
      their web site is

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        Well, if you're going to special order a whole fresh ham (which is the *easiest* cut to special order because it's just the whole leg, no special butchering involved other than procuring it), there's no point ordering from a speciality butcher or high-end market, unless one is going for something lux like Berkshire pork, because you will just be paying extra for the prestige. I'd call Market Basket first, frankly.

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          Heritage animals taste much better than mass produced confinement animals. It isn't just "prestige", it is better eating.

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            Please read more carefully. I didn't write what you appear to have thought I wrote.

      2. Call MF Dulock in Somerville.

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          I also recommend MF Dulock. I ordered a fresh ham for the holidays and will pick it up next week.

        2. Open Meadow Farms may be able to get you one, it depends on how big their pigs are & when they go to the butcher. If you need it for Christmas, its probably cutting it too close but it's worth a shot. He's one of the few places I know that will let you order a cut of animal without ordering half the animal.