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Dec 9, 2012 07:42 AM

Mazatlan....any good, new restaurants?

Haven't been in 5 years, hoping to get back this winter. Any restaurants I should try?

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  1. Lots of new places in the past 5 years, and a few of them are very good. My favorite is Molika Bakery. The chef owner is a Mazatleco who returned from Europe, where he had been working as a chef and baker for several years, to open this place. No Mexican food on the menu, but everything is prepared beautifully. Mostly sandwiches, salads, pasta, along with a few specials, which might be anything from a rib roast to swordfish steaks. My favorite sandwich is an assortment of roasted veggies and goat cheese, open face on his foccacia with a beautifully dressed green salad on the side. And I love his country pate, served with multi grain bread, mustard, etc. Another very good chef is in charge at the Water's Edge. Some very original dishes. I love the crabcakes, and his steak with skinny pomme frites (straw potatoes?) is wonderful. We've got a new potato place in centro that uses russet potatoes, a rare treat indeed! And the toppings are just great. (You probably know the papas locas sold at the street places, and there are more of those than 5 years ago, too. The Fish Market is an excellent seafood place, with a variety of fish. One gets soooo tired of dorado here, and it's just about the only fish many restaurants serve. Boring. I can think of lots more newish places that I like, but this is a start for you!

    1. Thanks MazDee, sure hope to get back this winter. I really miss Mazatlan and the people.