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Dec 9, 2012 07:32 AM

Tacoma/Federal Way

We will be heading out to Tacoma at the end of January to visit our son after he returns from Afghanistan. We want to take him, his GF and her parents out to dinner in the Tacoma/Federal Way area. One obstacle to finding a nice place is that our son's GF is a vegetarian. She will eat eggs and dairy, just no meat or fish. We have been out there before and were able to accommodate her. Pomodora and Indochine were very good and great places for a vegetarian. We also have been to Stanley & Seaforts. Even though S&S is basically a steak & seafood restaurant, they offered her a roasted vegetable platter with rice which she has grown accustomed to.

We are aware that he parents want to reciprocate on a dinner and mentioned their favorite Italian restaurant, which may very well be Pomodoro. She has told us about a great Indian restaurant but none of us (wife, daughter & I) are into Indian food.

Can we get some recommendations of your favorite places in that area that would be enjoyed by a vegetarian as well as us carnivores?

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  1. Indian food has some wonderful options for a vegetarian that goes beyond just rice and vegetables. I think even a meat eater would be very pleasantly surprised with their food.

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      I am sure that is why she suggested it but Indian food is not to our liking.

    2. jcanino, Ironically the restaurant "Marrow" on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma has an exceptional vegetarian menu. The carnivore options are based upon Ferguson Henderson's restaurant in England while Marrow also shines with their vegetarian offerings. You will not be disappointed. Also, please tell your son "Thank You" for his service.