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best bets for a late dinner near Bloorcourt Village / Dovercourt Village / Dufferin Grove / Ossington Station

I tried to stop in for a late bite at 10 pm at Actinolite on Ossington at Hallam last night, but found out their kitchen closes at 10 pm.

Which restaurants would you recommend near Bloor & Ossington, that would still be serving food at 10 pm? Looks like the Roxton's kitchen ( on Harbord) is open until late on Sat night (12:30 am Sun morning).

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  1. I haven't been, but Tall Boys and Two Bite Saloon should serve late.

    Or head east a bit and go to k-town.

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          I've eaten at Tall Boys. I had this awesome burger with kimchee. It was super good! I think the fries were good too. Someone else had the fish tacos and they seemed to like them.

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            Good to know. Will check it out at some point.

    1. You might also want to try the various Ethiopian restaurants, they tend to be open late.

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      1. Popeyes, no joke, they're open late.

        The Jerk King across the street....

        if you want a sit down proper resto, there's Bestellen at College & Dovercourt. There's also The Emerson by Lansdowne & Bloor.

        I want to root for The Emerson because they're eschewing the social media bombardment typical of most restaurants nowadays. Not a fan of that stuff at all.

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          Thanks aser. Was wondering about The Emerson. Will check it out.

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            In case that's a factor for you, The Emerson is unfortunately not very veg-friendly (you're basically stuck with sides). Unlike the Whippoorwill next door...

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              Then you're the person to ask. How, other than veggie stay home, do The Emerson and Whippoorwill compare to one another?

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                I actually like both, though I've gone to the Whippoorwill more often because of the all-day breakfast (and the greater veg appeal). The Emerson has better beer, in my opinion. I haven't compared their cocktails or wines. I'm hoping The Emerson becomes a little more veg-friendly because I'd like to go more often. It's a nice place.

            1. If you'll go as far as bloor/duff, 3 speed serves food late, though getting a table would be challenging.