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Dec 9, 2012 03:39 AM

Owara Tamaten in Takayama

Like many visitors to Takayama's Miyagima Morning Market, I was very taken with the owara tameten marshmallow snacks sold by a smiling elderly couple at a small shop called Rinseido.

The sign over the window explains: “Owara Tamaten: I pass when it beats an egg white and enter and cut the honey which came to the boil of sugar and agar to a pip after cooling it and soak it in the liquid which added sweet sake to and egg yolk, and it is the Japanese sweet that it is unusual which baked 6.”

Googling reveals that this snack is also sold in Toyama, so seems to be a regional speciality, though most of the online references to it are for the same shop I visited, so perhaps it's not very widespread or not many places offer it.

One of many, many local specialities we encountered in Takayama during our 2 day visit.

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