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Dec 9, 2012 12:39 AM

Near Donmar warehouse - post theatre...and no romance, please !

Morning all,

Just looking at proper Chow places for a festive break. We will be three blokes in our 40's - mixed incomes so nowhere too pricey or fancy please.

At Trafalgar Studios 27th Dec and Donmar 28th.

Looking for places either pre or post theatre. Probably post on 28th as show is a 'straight through' so should be done by 9,30 ish.

Am thinking Terroirs on 27th - never been - does it still cut it ? When I have tried to get in before it has always been a queue down the street , though perhaps that was when it first opened.

Am thinking Bocca di Lupo post theatre on the 28th - but is is it really a post theatre place for 3 single blokes ? And how will it be late on 28 December ?

Ideal place would be a good pub or tapas or bistro-ish place with decent beer or wine by the glass that will still be lively late on. On past visits have enjoyed the Elk in the Wood in Islington , the Jugged Hre near the Barbican and Jose and Pizzaro near London Bridge. Anywhere with the quality or atmosphere of these places would be perfect.

Thanks all

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  1. Between Christmas and NewYear you may find a lot of places closed, I know we did last year, with most closeing Christmas Eve (although maybe not even open then a it's a Monday) and some starting to open on the 30th. I had though it wouldn't be a problem but had to cross quite a few off the list as they were not open.

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      Did you find anywhere decent open ?!

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        We managed the sat nights at The Ledbury and Opera Tavern, just before for their last services before they closed and then got into the Bull & Last, Pollen St, and Mothi Mohal from the 29th......Brindisa was also open. But our original timetable was adjusted due to opening times. I suspect the dates for weekends make a difference this year making it easy to close for longer.

    2. St John Hotel Restaurant was open last year on 27 Dec. Great food, not fussy, great wine & whisky list. I remember, because it was my birthday! And it is not in the least bit romantic, but don't tell my husband!

      Terroirs is always great; you can try to sit at the bar if there are no tables. This has the advantage of chatting with the very knowledgeable bartenders, who will give you tastes of all kinds of interesting wines.

      Polpo Covent Garden on Maiden Lane (I thought they were called Polpetto) is open until 11:30, small plates and many wines in jugs. I'm not sure if they are open that week.

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        Hawksmoor in Covent Garden is great - serving lots of meat so not too romantic! Good cocktails too, but as PhilD points out, check their Christmas opening times. They have excellent steak etc but their bar snacks are also worth checking out.

        Monkey Cd: Polpetto is upstairs at the French House in Soho - think the one in Covent Garden used to be called Da Polpo but they seemed to have changed this to just Polpo now.