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Sep 26, 2005 06:38 PM

Neighborhood eats in East Sacramento

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If you're like me, there are times when travelling more than four minutes to a restaurant is just unacceptable. For me, that means a focus on East Sac (bounded roughly by the American River on the north and east, Highway 50 on the south, and Biz-80 on the west). Here are my favorite neighborhood joints:

- Thai Palace (J St at 32nd). Solid every time. Portions a bit small but small price to pay.
- La Fiesta Taqueria (1105 Alhambra). Just moved in within the last year or so. Dollar for dollar, the best food in East Sac (in my humble opinion). Try the shrimp cocktail!
- Three Sisters (Folsom and 51st) - Love the carnitas. A bit pricey but worth it from time to time.
- Tupelo Cafe (Elvas, just north of H St) - Great coffee and espresso. Try the Kerouac. Show your support because Starbucks is moving in next door. Free wireless, too!
- Giovanni's Pizza (Folsom at around 56th or so) - Again, solid pizza every time.
- Sellands (H St and 53rd) - For gourmet take out and wine tasting. The price can add up quickly, though.

Two places I frequent often but the food is not that great:

- Napolitos (H and Elvas) - Sort of a tex-mex place. Really friendly people and outdoor tables. Food is not bad but not great.
- The Wienery (Elvas just north of H) - I love everything about this place except the dogs themselves. They're bland and uninteresting. But, again, friendly people and a neighborhood hang-out. Root beer comes in frosted mugs.

Any others? Or really bad places to avoid?

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  1. j
    janet of reno

    Have you tried Kaveri? South Indian, Fulton near Northrup. I think that's in the neighborhood you describe.....

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      Fulton and Northrup isn't east Sac. But I'll try Kaveri next time I am over that way.

    2. Three places that are not on your list:

      33rd Street Bistro - a little higher end but consistantly good.

      Sweet Water - Nothing spectacular but solid mid priced.

      The French place across the street from Selland's.

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        "The French place across the street from Selland's."


      2. Black Cat Cafe, a few doors down from The Wienery, serves fabulous crepes and sandwiches.

        1. Thanks for starting the thread. I'm going to try the Thai place you mentioned -- I've been going to Thai Basil on J Street and I'm not crazy about it.

          I live around E. Sacramento but I think the eating options are pretty limited there so I generally go elsewhere.

          For a quick dinner near home, I agree that Three Sisters on Folsom is a decent choice (even though it feels kind of like a Chili's inside). I always get the chicken mole and I think it's pretty good.

          I went to the Pasty Shack on J Street for the first time pretty recently and enjoyed it. For those who've never had a pasty, it's a big Welsh pastry shell surrounding a hearty filling of potatoes, carrots, onions and meat. The chicken pasty was much better than the meat one, in my opinion. It's a little dull on its own, but makes a nice takeout dinner when paired with some lightly dressed greens.

          For freezes and ice cream, I like Merlino's and Burr's on Folsom. The chocolate chewy cookies at Phillipp's Bakery on Folsom are excellent.

          I would avoid Andiamo.

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          1. re: beanbag

            FYI, Pasty Shack is open really late too. Not sure what time, but I've been there after Midnight.

          2. This is a bit beyond your boundaries, but I had a good meal once at Taste of Thai on Broadway, about a block from Tower. I don't remember too many details, but the fried rice (crab, I think) was very good.