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Dec 9, 2012 12:01 AM

decent food after midnight in vancouver?

besides all the south asian places on kingsway.... chinese, pho, etc... what other places do you guys like to eat at after midnight.... i tend to go to bed pretty late so i eat after midnight quite a bit....

i live in the West End so I like the bacon grilled cheese over at La Belle Patate .... also the chicken donair at Donair King is unreal ...

any other places you guys like ??

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  1. Lucy's on Main comes to mind. I've eaten there twice once in the day (pulled pork if I remember) and once at 2:30 am (Chorizo hash with nicely poached eggs on top) and both times the food was very acceptable.

    I never ever eat at places like Denny's so it's nice to have a good old diner with a licence that's open 24 hours to serve your late hour cravings.

      1. There's The Templeton on Granville @ Nelson, open to 1am Thur-Sat.

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          It's actually Friday - Saturday for the Templeton, I called them a couple of days ago to confirm for a late-night event - this is actually a typo on their website :(

        2. hamburger mary's is so awesome!! realy good homemade soups as well as hotdog features.

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            Last time I went to HM's (2007 ?), service was awful, and the food was just ok.

          2. Espana is open until 1:00 weekdays and 2:00 weekends.

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              ya been meaning to go , very close to my house... ill definently pop by sometime this week for a late night bite... seems like when i always walk by its packed to the ceiling...i guess ill wait a bit till after midnight.