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Dec 8, 2012 10:05 PM

Vegetarian Hong Kong?

We're headed to HK for three days. Any recommendations for vegetarian-friendly fare? We'll definitely head to Pure Veggie House on Garden Road for dim sum, but would love to hear any other suggestions.

Also, any reports on Chilli Fagara? Their menu looks great and they have the Michelin star, but is it overrated?


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    1. There are a couple of pure vegetarian Indian places that are excellent, although kind of dives: Woodlands and Branto Pure Vegetarian. Also the Lok Cha teahouse in Hong Kong Park has some pretty good vegetarian dim sum in a very cool old building.

      As for Chili Fagara, I like it quite a bit, but not sure it deserves a star. The stuff is solid but not that refined, and the service ranges from indifferent to downright hostile. Also, everything is spicy as hell, except the lemon chicken, but that's the positioning.

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        I have to say that Kung Tak Lam is one of my favorites. It's relatively quiet for a dimsum place and is reliable.