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Sep 26, 2005 06:04 PM

Any recommendations for Grass Valley?

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My husband and I are going up there on Wed for a meeting, and I wanted to see if there are any good restaurants (for lunch, but I would love to hear dinner suggestions for future reference) in Grass Valley or close by.


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  1. Can I send you to New Moon Cafe in Nevada City and ask you to report back?

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    1. re: Peter

      I'm not familiar with the area - is Nevada City close to Grass Valley? If so, I'll try to get there!

      1. re: Sandra

        Yes, Grass Valley is about three miles down the highway from Nevada City. I've tried an Italian restaurant called Bellavista (or Bella Vista) that's in Nevada City that I liked. Others have praised it on Chowhound. I mentioned it in an earlier posting.
        If you like wine, check out the Lucchesi Vineyards tasting room in Grass Valley next to the theater. I also bought a few bottles of wine from Burch Hall up the street.


    2. chocolate lover's alert--for dessert!

      In Nevada City (5 min north of GV on Hiway 49), Chef Willem De Groot's TRUFFLE SHOP at 408 Broad Street, NC's main downtown street. Parking in small lot at rear of building. Open daily from 11-5. These are really exquisite works of art in chocolate confectionery. All individually hand made, dipped and decorated. No preservatives or additives, no addional sugar beyond what's in the Belgian chocolate used to make the ganache and couverture. Good thing I live 7 hours away. NO, wait! they ship, too! >ulp!<
      Some flavor examples we've tried of the 22 available:
      Key Largo: lime in white choc center, sparked with tequila.
      Cafe Diablo: strong coffee blended with alcohol in a spicey bittersweet choc, laced with zest of orange.
      Black Tulip: dark bitter choc, Remy Martin cognac and "a well kept secret."
      Dutch Treat: a blend of three semi-sweet chocolates, "a pure chocolate experience."
      Imperial Dragon: crystalized ginger combined with liqueur in white chocolate.
      Highlander: semisweet choc laced with Glenfiddich Scotch.

      So glad my in-laws turned us on to this shop. Thanks, Friends!


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      1. re: toodie jane
        torta basilica

        Plus, they also make delicioso Nevada City ice coffees!

        1. re: torta basilica

          ohhhhhhh...iced coffeeees! I was also drooling over their little cakes and desserts, while trying to pick out JUST FOUR truffles for our dessert!