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Dec 8, 2012 07:14 PM

What to do w /deli sliced ham

Got almost a pound of sliced deli ham, about to expire -- what to do with it -- can't make that many sandwiches!


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  1. Spread with cream cheese, wrap around pickle spears (better yet, pickled asparagus). Take them to a party and they'll be gone in a flash.

    1. Freeze it until you really need it for something.

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        I tend to thaw and throw a handful of chopped ham into different rice dishes, and also carmelize some before making soup. It's nice to use it slowly that way, for a bit of protein.

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          Agree, freeze it in smaller packages to suit your needs.

        2. Chopped up for quiche or potato hash (top with an egg), grind up to put in your veggies when cooking

          Pound out chicken breasts and top one side with your choice of cheese and some ham. Roll up and secure with a pick. Season & brown in a bit of oil then finish cooking in the oven. Make a pan or cream sauce to serve over it. Another thing I like to do is make grilled ham & pimento cheese sandwiches.

          1. Brown w/onions as base for split pea soup, then put oven frizzled ham strips on top as garnish.

            1. All of the above or what about Ham Loaf I don't know how to supply a link via my iPhone. But it sounds kind of interesting ..