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Dec 8, 2012 07:08 PM

"VIVA MERCADO" Feedback please

How would you rate this place for Mexican food? Is it worth going or are there better places for authentic Mexican cuisine?

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  1. I am a thirteen year resident of Las Vegas originally from Los Angeles. I prefer Viva Mercados over most other Mexican restaurants in the Valley. The menu goes beyond just having the typical Mexican food covered in cheese and sauce. The food is the closest thing in the Valley to what I use to eat in Los Angeles. I do not like the Michoican restaurants as I find their food to be very bland.

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      Thanks Eric. I'm also from L.A. (No. Hollywood) and just moved here. It's not easy finding the best places in a new area.

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        I grew up in Calabasas. I also lived in Studio City, Northridge and Granada Hills. I haven't been to La Mexicana on Decatur is suppose to be very good. I haven't been to Toto's on East Tropicana in a few years. It was good when I use to go there.

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          You guys are killing me! Also from The Valley. North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and Winnetka. We should get together over lunch and commiserate.

          I used to enjoy Viva Mercado more at their old location, but even now I still enjoy their food. Actually, for that cuisine, I prefer Casa Don Juan in downtown.

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              email me please.

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            Would you like to join Mucho Gordo and I? We're planning testing out a Mexican restaurant here in town and compare the cuisine to what we experienced in the SFV.

            Email me please...

      2. Two of our favorites for authentic Mexican food are Los Molcajetes (Eastern and Owens) and Viva Zapatas (Craig Road at Pecos). Los Molcajetes is a true hole in the wall, but we have found the food to very good and the serving sizes very large. Viva Zapatas is a nicer place and offers some excellent authentic Mexican options.

        We are not fans of the Michoacan restaurants either.

        We have not dined at Viva Mercado, so if you do, please let give us fellow Hounds some feedback.

        1. Here is my comment from October.

          I'll agree with Viva Mercado's. My family and i have been going Viva's since at least the 80s.
          I like the fact that the menu is not limited to beans and rice mexican, but a lot of different styles

          It also has a selection of 12 kinds of salsas with heat ratings from 1 to 10.

          1. One of the nice little developments in the Las Vegas valley over the past decade has been the growth of "Mom and Pop" Mexican offerings, which brings an authenticity that had been difficult to find earlier. But sorting through them can be a real trial and error process, and unfortunately these kinds of places can also be rather inconsistent. There is one new player on the scene that shows promise - Las Tapatias, at 2201 South Maryland Parkway. The focus here is Jaliscan street food, so they are to Guadalajara what Los Antojos is to Mexico City.

            Guadalajara means a "Torta Ahogada", of course, and they serve theirs a little extra wet, in a deep plate that allows one to use a spoon to get every bit of the sauce. And on a recent visit a "Pollo Hurache" looked so good that we had to get one to carry out for later. Outstanding bang for the buck - that Hurache (their spelling) is only $6.99. From that region you would also expect Birria, Tlacoyo's and Pambazo's, and they have them. And while not on the printed menu, during these cooler months you can also ask for a Champurrado, which goes down nicely after putting some extra hot sauce on the meals.

            1. Bob,

              Here's a nice recap of most of the better known Mexican joints around town. Seems to exclude the more expensive resort restaurants and many of the smaller unknown local places in North Las Vegas.


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                  Indeed. But I didn't mention the article for the reviews but merely for the somewhat large list of moderate priced Mexican restaurants.