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Lucha Tigre Chapel Hill

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Just had dinner at Lucha Tigre in the old Flying Burrito spot (near Hunam and Kitchen.) Not too crowded for a Saturday night, but I don't think they've done much advertizing yet (none that I've noticed anyway.) Interesting menu (which I think is going to change up pretty often.) We tried the Bulgoki Tacos (very nice and drippy, served with apple kim chi), Mu Shu Taco (I think this would be better in a pancake than a tortilla, but the filling was quite good -- in fact it was Mu shu pork without the egg), Thai Peanut Chicken Empanada (good but the chicken was a little chunkier and dryer than I would like, but the salsas served with it were very tasty), Posole (nice and just a little spicy), and pan fried pork dumplings (very juicy but with a little chew.) Extensive Sake menu but kind of pricy for these, lots of beers were more reasonable -- we each had the big Kirin Ichiban for $6 a pop. I hope it makes it as I can walk there and I really liked the food and the atmosphere. The servers seem to know what they are doing, and could explain the menu clearly. With this and Mei Asian on East Franklin the downtown dining scene seems to be re-balancing from West Franklin, of course there is also the new Waffle House going in.

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  1. We ate there Friday. My wife loved the cocktails. I'm a beer drinker. I wish they had a few local options rather than just a list of Asian & Mexican Bert's that taste quite similar. Lots of good food on th menu. Well worth a visit if you're in CH

    1. I hadn't heard a thing about this place until your post, so thanks very much for the info. I can't quite get a handle on what it is supposed to be. Is it sort of a Mexican/Asian fusion place?

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        It's less an ethnic place and more focused on small plates and handheld items, such as moo shu tacos and ceviche.

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          Their thing is locally sourced Asian/Latino fusion. Most items are small plates at reasonable prices with a few larger items at larger prices. In addition to the Sake and Beer and Cocktails they have an extensive tequila menu.

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            Sounds great. Thanks for the tip! I can't seem to find a non-facebook website. Does anyone know if they're open on Mondays?

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              They say they are open 5-midnight every day of the week except Sunday.

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                Thank you so much, omoshiroi. We've got a babysitter coming tomorrow night and maybe I can talk my husband into trying this place. If not this time, soon.

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                  They don't have a non-FB website near as I can tell. Hope you enjoy it!

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            It is run by the people that own 5 Star and Calavera both in Raleigh. I've been watching it for a few weeks... Apparently not open for lunch yet unless others have other knowledge.

          3. We ate there last week and took our 6 and 7 year old girls - they liked it. The meal was very good, drinks excellent, and the staff was quite attentive. We plan to go back.

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              I've heard drinks are pretty expensive at about $9.

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                And what is a cheap restaurant cocktail? I just had drinks at City Kitchen and they were 8/9 dollars, and at the Crunkleton they are 10-12. Not that I relish paying these prices but they are not out of line, and the beer at LT is pretty reasonable for us cheapskates.

                1. re: omoshiroi

                  Agreed. $9 for a cocktail is in line with what one would pay around here. It might be less for a conventional cocktail like a Tom Collins. At Lucha Tigre and a lot ot other spots, they have special cocktail menus with exotic ingredients. My wife usually finds one she likes.

                  1. re: omoshiroi

                    Just playing the messenger.

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                    I don't actually see that as especially expensive. I once scoffed at paying $35 (or the euro equivalent) for a martini in Paris. Now *that* is expensive.

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                      That IS expensive, but it was also French. I hope it was an exquisite martini.

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                        I hope it was too, but I wasn't willing to pay for it! I will say, it was in a very fancy place, right across from the Louvre. I do believe that there are times when you bite the bullet and pay for something special because of the experience, but that time I was flying solo, and it just didn't seem worth it to me. But heck, $9 for a drink? Seems like chicken seed in comparison.

                2. Went for lunch a few days ago. I think it will be a nice addition to this part of Chapel Hill. The interior is a nice change from its predecessor and the food is relatively cheap and tasty. They are still working out the kinks and the few things I had were a bit spicy but not overly so. The torta is not a whole torta which took me by surprise a bit. I'll have to go back again some time later to try some more items.

                  1. We went the other day, too. Omoshiroi, it's walking distance for us, too. I enjoyed it and the spouse enjoyed it, but it was a little too weird for the kids. The biggest hit with them was the General's Chicken Taco. We had that, pork dumplings, Mexican City quesadilla (deep fried), vegetarian (tofu) ceviche. I really liked the veggie ceviche and the General's Taco. The Mexican City quesadilla was a little too much for my tastes (deep fried cheese), but we had gotten it for my daughter. Didn't get drinks, but I thought there were several that looked amazing.

                    1. Boyfriend and I have had a few meals there. Last time I had the Asian Pear-rosemary margarita, and it was delicious. In general, food is good. We've tried the chipotle guacamole, and were surprised by how tasty the sweet potato chips served with it were. Wonton chips, though, are a pass.

                      1. Finally got to try Lucha Tigre. I like the look of the place and the waiter was very helpful. The food was hit or miss however. I think it is great that they have a few different vegetarian options. I just wish they realized that vegetarians (or even people who just like tofu) appreciate some flavor to their food. It seemed that everything spicy on the menu was meat (pork or beef). We started with the guacamole with ginger and sake. This sounded sort of weird to me but was very good. Unlike another poster Lulu and I did not like the sweet potato chips served with it, but did like the tortillas and Lulu went nuts for the fried wontons. My Thai empanada was dull - not a single flavor in it. I took two small bites and left the rest. The dipping sauces (one sweet and one a tomatillo) didn't help. Lulu got the corn and poblano empanada. She didn't care for it. I thought it was the better of the two but still thought the dough was stodgy. This was also mostly left uneaten. Lulu loved her steamed veg dumplings. I had one bite and thought they were just ok. I had the shrimp ceviche. I liked this - very fresh tasting with a lot of flavor (although not spicy). So sort of hit or miss for us.