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Dec 8, 2012 05:55 PM


Sup Chowhounders! I've been lurking around here for a while but never post since most of my questions have been answered before. Anyway i was looking at a few staub fry pans at WS today and they all seemed to be fairly smooth on the inside. But when I got home, the one I bought seems fairly rough. Kind of a sandpaper type feel.I'm pretty sure the demos had a slick feel. Should I return it?

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  1. Took it back, new one is much better. On a side note, I have a Le creuset second that has less wrong with it than either of the staub first quality pieces. Anyway, thanks for help! Lol

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      My Staub don't have the issues you mentioned.

      Did you confuse their "diamond" pattern interiors with a smooth finish?

      1. re: Sid Post

        Nah I got the smooth finish. I dont think WS even offers the diamond finish in staub. The first pan had a very rough feel to the surface. Even more so up the sides. I exchanged it and the new one is much much better. It does have what I would call "over spray" on the bottom edge in one spot but I think I can live with it even though food does stick there a little more. Not really impressed with their quality control. Thanks

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          Staub doesn't have the same smooth finish as Le Creuset. The black finish is matte and has a slight texture to it. This is intentional and it's claimed to be more scratch resistant and better for searing, roasting, and carmalizing foods. Take that for what it's worth, but it works for me.

          The testured bottom is on some fry pans and what Staub refers to as a saute pan hexagon braiser as can be seen here:!assortment/... I have a braiser and use that pan quite a lot with what I cook. It's supposed to reduce sticking and help with browning.

          1. re: mikie

            The point is what I'm sold should be of equal quality as what is on display and thats not the case. I understand matte black enameled finish is somewhat textured. I understand what the hexegon finish is. None of that is what I'm refering to. When they apply the enamal they do so by spaying it on. If too much builds up in an area, it leaves a rough feel I would call overspray. The pan I have now has that in about a two inch area of the bottom, right where it starts to slope up. The first pan seemed milder but over almost the entire surface. I can live with the new one since it was on sale at a good price.