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Dec 8, 2012 05:09 PM

cheap lamb/goat curry ?

Hi there.... i am looking for cheap places that offer goat or lamb curry.... right now the only place i know is Hawkers on main which is fantastic. 9.50$ for lamb curry with rice and big portions,.... i live in the west end.... anything a bit closer?

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  1. Try the Ethiopian places on Broadway on either side of Fraser (Fassil, Red Sea).

    Yeah, Hawker's lamb curry w. rice is dang good. Do you believe it used to be $6 ?!? I was shocked at their recent "big" price hike to $9.50.

    Some of the Cantonese/Singaporean restos do very decent coconut milk-based curries and if you request, they can substitute lamb for beef brisket. Mui Garden is one example.

    Don't forget E. Indian restos. One of my faves is a little hole-in-wall dive on Fraser @ 51 Ave, called New Novelty Sweets & Restaurant. The $8 lunch buffet doesn't offer goat, although the butter chicken is v. good ..... I just had it yesterday :-) Goat is offered off the menu. This tiny place makes their foods with TLC, resists the heavy-handed salt dumps into the dishes, and brings you a big basket of fresh hot naan with each meal.

    Other good Indian places where I've had lamb/goat curries are:

    - Mezbaan on Kingsway between Tyne and Boundary Rd
    - Chutney Villa, Broadway btwn Quebec and Main
    - Saffron, Kingsway btwn Olive & Wilson (Burnaby)
    - Jambo Grill, Kingsway just west of Joyce

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      thanks so much.... ok i will definently go try New Novelty Sweets next week... I like places where I just order at the front like Hawkers....like take out places with tables.....